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About us

Cianjhen land office established on November 1979, in charge of the land administration affairs of Cianjhen, Siaogang Districts and Linya District from January 1984 to June 1984. Now we are in charge of only Cianjhen, Siaogang Districts, including 58land sections in the Cianjhen District and 71 land sections in the Siaogang District, the sum of 129 land sections. Cianjhen land office is in charge of about 112,803 lands,125,310 buildings, and total area is 6848.3388hectare.
Kaohsiung Harbor

 Organization Structure



 District Art
Cianjhen District and Siaogang District.

 Organization Structure
Land Registration Section:
In charge of the registration of land and building, documents issuance, registers keeping.
Land Survey Section:
In charge of evaluation of land and building improvement, land resurveying, cadastral maps keeping.
Land Valuation Section :
In charge of the appraisal of the land value, making land value table, research and development, document and archives management, collecting fee, administrative affairs and customer service.
Accounting Section:
In charge of annual accounting, accounting, and statistics affairs.
Personnel Section:
In charge of personnel management.

 Office Hour
Monday - Friday  8:00-12:00  13:30-17:30/Saturday, Sunday and Holidays Days off

 Office Address
No158, Jhenjhong Rd., Cianjhen District, Kaohsiung City 806036

 Telephome Number